Mechanisms of pain

Persistent pain associated with peripheral or central nervous system injury/dysfunction is defined as neuropathic pain.

The individual consequences of neuropathic pain are devastating - the pain is often intractable - and banal primary injury of peripheral nerve may lead to severe disabilities that not only influence the patient life and psyche, but his or her relatives. Important reorganization of the nervous system occurs and if this may be prevented, the vicious circle of persistent pain inducing individual distress, psychological disturbances, work cessation, and social consequences would be reduced.

The goals of our research, using experimental pain models are to identify molecular and structural changes underlying neuropathic pain. Different aspects of pain mechanisms are investigated, from the contribution of ectopic activity to gene modifications in the somatosensory system.

In addition the aim of our laboratory, as part of Department of Anesthesiology of the CHUV and related to its Pain Unit, is to create a bridge between basic science and clinical pain management.

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